Chamomile tea as opposed to chamomile skincare!

Why we prefer chamomile in our tea rather than our skincare!

Chamomile is valued for its soothing and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. However, despite finding it many skincare products there are some things to know: 

  1. Allergic Risks: Chamomile contains sesquiterpene lactones, which can cause allergic reactions ranging from mild dermatitis to severe irritation, especially in sensitive individuals.
  2. Caution for Allergies: Those with a history of allergies or atopic dermatitis should use chamomile-containing products cautiously and consider patch testing first.
  3. Ingredient Alternatives: Consider using alternative ingredients with fewer allergenic risks, such as calendula or aloe vera, which also offer soothing properties.
  4. Label Transparency: Advocating for detailed ingredient labeling helps consumers make informed decisions and avoid potential allergens.
  5. Professional Guidance: Dermatologists should tailor skincare recommendations to individual sensitivities and allergies, considering the dual role of chamomile.

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