What Makes It VETTED

We are redefining clean. Our ingredients are science-backed, ethically sourced and truly hypoallergenic, with effective essentials for your most beautiful skin. Our products feature proven, powerhouse ingredients that are backed by scientific research. No gimmicks or fads.

Backed by science. Created by dermatologists. Effective and ethical ingredients. Truly hypoallergenic products. No gimmicks or fads - just CLEAN.


What we put in is as important as what we leave out. Our ingredients are expertly vetted by us to ensure that they are non-toxic, hypoallergenic AND ethically sourced. Every ingredient is carefully selected using the most up-to-date scientific evidence on efficacy, irritant, and allergenic potential.


Our products are especially formulated to be safe for those with sensitive skin.


There are no reports of irritant or allergic reactions with repeat insult patch testing of our products.


We exclude ingredients that are known endocrine disruptors or have other concerning health or environmental toxic effects.


All products are packaged in recyclable glass bottles that do not leach phthalates.

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Much of the marketing suggests that they’re safer than more traditional underarm products, but that hype is not based on science.
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